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The Atomix Sliding Puzzle Game

The object of this game is to assemble a molecule from the atoms on the playing area by sliding them around.

Beware! Once an atom starts moving it will not stop until it hits another atom or the wall.

To move an atom, first select it by clicking on it with the mouse, then click on one of the golden arrows that will appear around it.

An image of the molecule to be constructed is shown to the right of the playing area. This image is transparent and can be dragged over the playing area to see where it fits, and so help you decide where to build your molecule. The molecule may be built anywhere, but it is easier to build in some places than in others.

Once you have built the molecule you will be invited to submit your solution to this website. If your solution is better than any other solution we have recieved then your solution will appear in our solutions tables.

The best solution for each level is the one that uses the least amount of moves to complete the molecule.

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